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Whats up ladies!

So right here we begin the exercise plan for the second week.

This week we will probably be doing a little bit of power coaching too together with our HIIT and cardio. It will guarantee that you’ll be able to preserve your muscle mass thereby boosting your metabolism and therefore burning extra fats.

Since this includes coaching for power, I might suggest all of you to purchase a pair of dumbbells in case you can’t make it to the fitness center. This plan works equally effectively when you’ve got already joined a fitness center or wish to do it at residence.

This exercise primarily targets your whole higher physique making it shapely and toned.

IWB 1 Month 4 Kgs Weight Loss : Workout Plan Week 2 Part 1

Day 1


  1. Chest stretch: 30 seconds, 2 instances
  2. Shoulder stretch: 10 seconds every path (ahead and backward)
  3. Bicep stretch: 10 seconds, twice
  4. Backstretch: 15 seconds, twice
  5. Tricep stretch: 15 seconds, twice


  1. Jumping jacks: 60 reps, 30 seconds relaxation
  2. Lateral hops:  60 reps, 30 seconds relaxation
  3. Pushups(regular or on knees):  8 reps


  1. One-arm dumbbell row:- 15 reps either side, for this motion, for those who can’t discover a bench, you might do it as proven here
  2. Pushups: 6 reps
  3. Standing dumbbell press: 15 reps
  4. Bicep curl: 12 reps every arm
  5. Standing one arm tricep extension: 15 reps every arm

This circuit needs to be continued a complete of 4 instances, with 45 seconds relaxation between every set and a couple of minutes of relaxation between every circuit.

For this workout plan, the stretching workout routines would be the identical each pre and post-workout.

Attempt to do few reps of those workout routines in entrance of a mirror in order that you understand whether or not your kind is appropriate. Let me know your suggestions

In my subsequent put up, we will probably be doing whole decrease physique workout routines, finishing the entire physique conditioning by finish of the week.

Keep sturdy!

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