shabar mantra for abdomen ache

The Sabar Mantra for Abdominal Pain.

Hanuman’s Sabar Mantra for Abdominal Pain was repeated 11,000 times in front of Lord Hanuman’s statue to heal the pain in the abdomen.

This is Sabar’s spell

Om namo itti mitti bhasma kuru kuru svaha |

This spell is used to prepare Abhimantrita water for the treatment of stomach diseases. For this Sadhna, please pour 1 liter of water from the well into a bronze pot overnight.

The next morning, take a shower and then dry it with a clean cloth. Now, sit in front of the statue of Lord Hanuman with this bronze water pot and repeat this spell 11,000 times. Now, sniff the water 81 times (Funk Marna) and provide some water to Hanumanji’s feet.

Now take 4 drops of this water and mix it with a glass of water.Ask the patient to drink this water, it will definitely relieve abdominal pain.

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