Which is finest renalka important for Alka 5 for urine burning and fever?

ALKA-5 is an natural syrup that acts as an alkalinizer within the human physique. The syrup helps preserve the conventional pH steadiness within the urine.

It consists of natural components similar to yavakshara, svetparpati, dhanyak (cor), jirak (cumin in). ) And Gokshura. The primary benefits of the components: Yavakshara and Svetparpati act as gentle diuretics and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Yavakshara vastly reduces the irritation to the bladder and urethra. Helps alkalize urine in troublesome situations. And anti inflammatory liquid. It may be used as an assist in lithotripsy to assist dissolve stones. Jerac acts as an antispasmodic and antibacterial agent within the syrup.

The syrup is advisable for the remedy of dysuria, urinary tract infections, urethritis, cystitis and warmth stroke. Use below medical supervis


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